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Telematic Solutions & Services

Integrated AVS telematics systems offer remote control capabilities of one or more vehicles by recording the location and position of the vehicle(s) in real time. Additionaly they are able to monitor engine parameterers in real time as well as handling external sensors for any need of monitoring an external signal (temperatures, Staturses etc).

Telematics technologies show excellent growth rates (20% -40% per year) and most importantly, thanks to their flexible architecture, it is possible for devices that exploit these technologies to be parameterized for any need for remote control.

Some of the telematics capabilities:

Create any kind of alert
Notification for exceeding any engine parameter
Notification of incorrect vehicle use / driving
Find real-time vehicle location
Vehicle Status Check
CO2 emission calculation – through consumption / emission calculations

The range of telematics devices uses the architecture of the award-winning AutoExplorer100 diagnostic tool.

With the adoption of the systems, the direct consequence is the sharp reduction in costs in terms of maintenance, diagnosis and monitoring of vehicles. Additionally, direct benefit arises in vehicle management as the processing of the information collected helps to optimize vehicle use / routes, saves fuel (and thus cuts fuel costs) and reduces pollutants.

Additional Features

Vehicle Tracking Recording

  • Vehicle Location anywhere on the map in real time.
  • Complete history of vehicle movements.
  • Analytical state of vehicles (engine start, speed, mileage, etc.)
  • Notification for exceeding speed limit.
  • View, print, and save all reports in a file.
  • Ability to send SMS for status updates / alerts.

Remote Inspection of Engine Parameters *

  • Engine Speed Check
  • Surveillance Lambda (λ) Values
  • Short / Long Term Fuel Correction
  • Injection Pressure / Turbo Pressure
  • Air temperature / Refrigerant Liquid / Exhaust gases
  • Battery Voltage
  • Throttle Status / Position
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Inspection
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Inspection
  • Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) Inspection
*Supported parameters vary from vehicle to vehicle


In any parameter (Engine or GPS) an override notice can be set which will be displayed on the map in real time and at the point of the route mentioned above. The administrator has the ability to create those alerts that best serve his needs. Overflow Notifications Examples:
  • Coolant  Temperature
  • Engine Speed
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Running Time from Engine Start
  • Fuel Level
  • Total time spent travelling
  • Total Engine Operating Hours
  • GPS – Speed

Telematic Applications for Vehicle Protection

Protect your vehicle with an advanced telematics system. Now you can see where your vehicle is located with a click!The integrated AVS telematics system is the ultimate gadget and the best safety solution for your vehicle. Some of its unique features:

Vehicle Surveillance

Αccurate vehicle(s) positioning and movement speed monitoring.


Automatic alerts when certain limits are exceeded such as speed, temperatures, alerts in case of failure recording fault codes.

History of Routes

Full vehicle history, total mileage, engine parameter records.

Call Center

Direct technical assistance for questions, cross-check and / or explanation for fault codes, etc.

Eco Driving

Monitoring of harsh acceleration/braking of vehicles.

Detailed Reports

Detailed reports on routes, mileage, engine parameters, fault codes, etc.

System Operation

Device installation


Adjusting device


Manage through app


Keep your Car Secure


Marine Telematic Solutions

AVS has standard track-on-demand solutions for small / medium size vessels as well as custom implementations for more specialized needs.

These systems provide fleet managers, vessel owners with the ability to monitor, record, transmit and report relevant vessel information in real time.

All collected data is transmitted to the AVS web platform for instant viewing & management, providing administrators with access to vessel data, route history, and more.

These applications, based on the AVS Open Architecture Telematics platform, have the ability to be parameterized to meet the special needs of our partners.