AutoExplorer100 series of diagnostic device series is the “all-in-one” diagnosis solution for the vehicle repair workshops.

Diagnostic needs now require special functions and programming beyond Fault Recognition / Deletion. The range of devices ΑutoExplorer100 in combination with its excellent Technical Support AVS Automotive, allows garages and field professionals to work at a high level.

Many of the specialized diagnostics / programming procedures in a vehicle are made very simple and easy with a click from the software options menu.


Ease of Use

Friendly environment (UI) without the need to navigate complex menus - communication with the vehicle achieved in just a few seconds.

Up to Date Vehicle Database

Strictly Structured Database that follows the official manufacturers' nomenclature.

Smart Automatic Detection of ECUs

Just click 'Auto Find', and the application ''scans'' the database for compatible ECUs.

Powerful Built-In Graphical Analysis

Analysis that allows graphical display of real-time values, very useful for extracting important data and estimating parameters from all vehicle subsystems.

AVS Connect

Interfacing AutoExplorer100 software with AVS servers to provide expert live technical support on the vehicle, as well as comparing current parameters with manufacturers' values.

Wireless Connection Capability

The AutoExplorer Diagnostics Series offers Wi-Fi interface capabilities for greater ease of use. However, AutoExplorer100 also includes the USB cable interface.

Constant Software Updates

Keep diagnostics software up-to-date through ongoing upgrades.

Automatic Channel Switching

Simultaneous OEM+EOBD sessions with single fault imaging.

Small Size

The small size and ergonomic design of the AutoExplorer Diagnostics Series make it an easily transportable solution.

One-Click Operation

Many specialized functions (recoding, adaptations, basic settings) accessible with one click. No manual input is required, most of processes are fully automated.

External Adapters

Additional set with external adapters for older vehicles. Simply plug in the special adapter into the 16-pin interface of the AutoExplorer Diagnostic.


A complete history of the connections made. Combined with the Workshop application, you will discover that it is a necessary tool for every workshop!

Technical Characteristics

Unit Description

  • Dimensions: (45x26x182) mm
  • Power Consumption: 300 mA typ
  • Operating temperature: -15 – 75 °C
  • ARM Microcontroller
  • 16 pin connector
  • Heavy Duty Casing
  • Connectivity: USB, WiFi

Supported Protocols

  • ISO CAN-15765-4
  • SAE J2411 single wire CAN
  • ISO-9141-2
  • ISO-14230
  • J1850 VPW
  • J1850 PWM