Vehicle Diagnosis.
Intelligent Transportation Systems.

All-in-one solutions

Solutions for every vehicle.
Passenger Cars, Trucks, Boats, Industrial Vehicles.

Vehicle Diagnosis

AutoExplorer100 series of diagnostic device series is the “all-in-one” diagnosis solution for the vehicle repair workshops.

Emission Analysis

Ready-to-use solutions in the field of pollutant measurement and analysis, following the EURO community guidelines.


Standard solutions and custom implementations are available for fleet managers, businesses or individual users.

Specialized Telematics Operations

Development of customized applications tailored to the specific needs of fleet managers of any size, such as RACs, insurance companies, public organizations and telecommunications companies.

Live Data – Telemetry

Engine parameter monitoring capabilities from the same telematics device, without the need for additional equipment!

Best solutions

Turn-Key Solutions

From simple to demanding applications, our integrated solutions are characterized by reliability & an ease-of-use approach via friendly and simple UIs.


Fleet Management Services

A set of services for all vehicle problems that are not fully covered by dealerships and contract workshops

Design & Development

Custom implementations of Diagnostics & Telematics

Specialized Laboratory

For repairs and corrections of electronic units

Technical Support

Through a specialized technical department

On-Site Support

Vehicle Diagnosis through a mobile workshop

Provision of Expertise

In large companies and organizations


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