Company Profile

AVS Automotive, founded in 2000, is an automotive-centric laboratory, that designs and develops diagnostic & telematic solutions (both hardware & software) for vehicles.

Our lab is constantly evolving in order to meet the challenging needs of automotive, through the continuous development and constant data collection/feedback received by our extensive network of vehicle repair workshops, thanks to our IoT scalable systems for their acquisition and processing. These data forms and supplies continuously AVS’s technical database with communication protocols, fault codes, functions and procedures.

AVS technical database, the backbone of our infrastructure, is used as the major reference/data pool in the ongoing development/upgrading of diagnostic platform AutoExplorer100, as well as in telematic implementations, by migrating commands and functions contained in diagnostic automotive protocols.

Our vision is to provide smart, flexible and user friendly solutions in vehicle diagnosis and telemobility, powered by an extensive pool of technologies and vehicle technical data.



AVS was the official sponsor and supporter of the Greek participation of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in the SHELL fuel-saving European competition, undertaking and designing remote energy savings management through rigorous real-time monitoring of analogue and digital sensors on-board via telematics technologies.

Technical Seminars

AVS Automotive wishing to offer know-how and familiarity with diagnostic and telemetry technologies, organizes seminars for all partners.

The seminars are held in central cities of Greece, in a small group with the use of audiovisual material and the delivery of printed material.



AVS Automotive took part in the Automechanika Motortec exhibition in Madrid (Spain). Motortec is an event for the automotive industry in the field of aftersales, OEM, maintenance, spare parts & vehicle accessories.The AutoExplorer100 diagnostic tool was selected for Innovation Gallery of AutoMechanica Iberica, among the 20 most technologically advanced products of the year.

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