Intelligent Transportation Systems

The I.T.S provides up-to-date traffic information
and it can be customised with a range of facilities.



  • Ability to inform about the
    exact time of arrival through
    displays installed at central
  • View of buses real-time on
    map, without downloading
    specific application

Improved fleet management

  • Complete monitoring (real-time)
    to ensure smooth operation
  • Optimal route planning and
    scheduling, for the best
    passenger service
  • Fleet performance analysis

Fleet management centers

  • Create or import stops
  • Create and edit routes, schedules & bind specific units
  • Schedule future routes
  • Create operation patterns for different days (e.g. weekends, holidays)

Locate moving units real-time

  • Notifications of delays/early arrivals
  • Color representation of time differences


  • View buses on map real-time
  • Find stops or routes
  • Find buses passing by a specific stop & their arrival time

Use in any browser

Ability of custom changes

User friendly environment